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Selected Academic Research Papers by Dr. Gentile
This section includes peer-reviewed scientific journal articles from journals in psychology and medicine.
They tend to be full of technical details and statistics.
Gentile, D. A., Swing, E. L., Lim, C. G., & Khoo, A. (2012).  Video game playing, attention problems, and impulsiveness: Evidence of bi-directional causality.  Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 1, 62-70.
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Sim, T., Gentile, D. A., Bricolo, F., Serpelloni, G., & Gulamoydeen, F.  (2012).  A conceptual review of research on the pathological use of computers, video games, and the Internet.  International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. DOI 10.1007/s11469-011-9369-7
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Dykstra, J.L., Lane, D.J., Tapscott, R.L, & Gentile, D.A. (2011). Susceptible to social influence: Risky “driving” in response to peer pressure.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 41, 773-797.
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Gentile, D. A., Walsh, D. A., Ellison, P. R., Fox, M., & Cameron, J. (2004, May). Media violence as a risk factor for children: A longitudinal study. Paper presented at the American Psychological Society 16th Annual Convention, Chicago, IL. (For presentation slides, click here)

Rosser, J. C. Jr., Lynch, P. J., Haskamp, L. A., Yalif, A., Gentile, D. A., & Giammaria, L. (2004, January). Are Video Game Players Better at Laparoscopic Surgery?  Paper presented at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Newport Beach, CA.

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Gentile, D. A. & Walsh, D. A. (2001). The impact of video games on children and youth (The Informed Educator Series).  Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service

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